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Home for Extraordinary Digital Artwork

NFTs are revolutionizing the future of ownership. And to bring you the joy of owning something extraordinary – something you deeply admire, Dream1 plans to introduce its own dedicated, community-driven NFT marketplace in the near future. This marketplace will not only allow Dream1 holders to safely buy and collect extraordinary digital art but also add value to the token itself and grow holders' investment multi-fold. As part of our charity-oriented vision, we will donate 2% of our NFT marketplace profits to charitable organizations globally.

Taking a holder-focused approach, the DREAM1 token on the NFT marketplace will also enable holders to weigh in on features like fees and community rules.


Higher Liquidity, Lower Token Supply

In our attempt to add further value to the Dream1 token, we plan to add 5% tokens from every transaction on the NFT marketplace to the liquidity pool permanently.

Also, we will permanently burn another 5% tokens from all the NFT marketplace transactions. Burnt tokens mean a reduced token supply and consequently, a higher token value. On top of that, Dream1 will share with holders a certain percentage of all the profits collected from the NFT marketplace.


A Wide Array of NFTs

Diversity will be at the core of the Dream1 NFT marketplace. As an open community-driven platform for NFT exploring, collecting, buying, and selling, our NFT marketplace will welcome diverse artists and creators from across the globe to showcase and sell their digital artwork. Sorted by categories, the marketplace will also feature a vast catalog of rare digital art, collectibles, and multiple edition NFTs.

Unlike other NFT trading platforms, the Dream1 NFT marketplace will offer safe, hassle-free trade of digital assets and protection against fraud through vital features like owner verification. And all of it from a simple, intuitive app!