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Merch Store

A Merch Store That Connects You To Us

Merch signifies a special connection between a brand and its loyal customers. And for DREAM1, as a community-driven token, this bond is the cornerstone of its existence. This is why, as a token of our appreciation for our community and our holders, we plan to introduce a dedicated Dream1 merch store in the near future. As part of our charity-oriented approach, we will donate 2% of our merch store profits to charitable organizations globally.

We strongly believe that this merch store will not only foster a stronger community bond but also add value to the token and its holders and propel its growth on a global scale.

Merch Store

Higher Liquidity, Lower Token Supply

In our attempt to add further value to the Dream1 token, we plan to add 5% tokens from every transaction on the merch store to the liquidity pool permanently.

Also, we will permanently burn another 5% tokens from all the merch store transactions. Burnt tokens mean a reduced token supply and consequently, a higher token value. On top of that, Dream1 will share with holders a certain percentage of all the profits collected from the merch store.

Merch Store

Products in Our Merch Store

The Dream1 merch store will be designed to boost a sense of belonging in the Dream1 community. We plan to include a range of products that will help us achieve this goal, for example, hoodies, t-shirts, caps, shoes, coffee mugs, bottles, and posters, all custom-branded with the Dream1 logo.

This merch store will also be a statement about what Dream1 stands for: a better and prosperous world. This is why we will also include eco-friendly products such as eco-notepads, eco-bags, cold drinks cups, plates and bowls, napkins and cutlery, paper straws, and other recycled items that promote green living and environmental sustainability.

Being a community-driven token, Dream1 will welcome talented folks and communities from around the world to be a part of its merch store. Selling their handmade products and crafts in the store, these craftspeople will not only be able to showcase their talent but also make a hefty living. And all of it from a simple, intuitive app!