Ushering in Prosperity,
Delivering Happiness

  • Be a part of the upcoming financial revolution
  • Get a taste of financial independence
  • Be the harbinger of change and good times

Pre-Sale Completed

40% of the tokens would be released on the launch date and remaining 60% of the tokens would be released 6 months after the launch date at 10% of the softcap and hardcap being released every month for 6 months


About Token


The Dream1 token is a one-of-its-kind lotto-cum-charity token built on the Binance Smart Chain that’s been created with the sole purpose of providing financial empowerment to people. Backed by the dual principles of money-making and charity, Dream1 is a leading platform for philanthropic and welfare activities, as well as fortune building

Why Dream1 Is Awesome

As a wholly decentralized platform that has philanthropy and people’s welfare at its core, Dream1 seeks to deliver maximum value for the maximum number of people and also others who aren’t part of its ecosystem.

Features of Dream1 Token

  • First charity-cum-lotto token to help people follow their dreams and aspirations.
  • A charity-driven behemoth to help people tackle their financial misfortunes
  • A natural conservationist of the world’s floral and faunal habitat centers.


Charity Allocation







Golden Ticket

Royal raffle

Lucky 6

Grand Jackupot

Merch Store

NFT Marketplace

Token Allocation







Total Token Burn

Marketing Wallet

Developer Wallet

Harity & Founder

Liquidity Pool


Why Dream1 Token?

Charity-Driven Project

Dream1 reserves 5% of the overall reward amount for charity. This way, Dream1 ensures that everyone becomes a stakeholder in its project and benefits from it.

Transparency & Low Fees

Built on Binance Smart Chain, all Dream1 games are secure, transparent, and charge a much lower fee. Also, all you need to participate is a device with a stable internet connection.

Global Participation

Owing to its decentralization factor, trading can be done across international borders at a minimal fee and phenomenal speed too.

Win-Win Situation

Regardless of whether you win or not, you don’t lose your entire amount as Dream1 reserves 15% of the overall reward that is distributed amongst the non-winners.

A Pie for Everyone

Dream1 holds 4 different kinds of charity-cum-lotto contests with varying participation fees to ensure that everyone has the financial wherewithal to participate in these games.

Play Small, Win Big

Dream1 charity-cum-lotto contests have nominal participation fees but the rewards that you can win are massive, which can consequently help you attain your dreams of a wealthy and happy life.

Road Map

Phase 2- Growth

List on CoinMarketcap and CoinGecko
Website Redesign
Launch of 3 Dream1 Games
Planning for 2 More Games
1000 Holders
5000 Telegram Members
Community Giveaways
Burn 2.25 Billion Tokens

Phase 1- Launch

Concept Development

Dream1 Token Conceptualization
Launch of White Paper
Create Social Media Channels/Groups for Our Community
Organize and Build Our Website
Create BEP-20 Dream1 Token
Successfully Launch Token
2000 Telegram Members
PancakeSwap Listing

Phase 4- Utility

Expand the Market
10000 Holders
30000 Telegram Members
Worldwide Marketing Campaign
Merch Store Launch
Burn 2.25 Billion Tokens

Phase 3- Expansion

Get Listed on a Reputable Exchange
NFT Marketplace Launch
5000 Holders
15000 Telegram Members
Worldwide Marketing Campaign
Continued Community Growth
Burn 2.25 Billion Tokens

Phase 5

New Partnerships
Get Listed on More Exchanges
Expand the Market
20000 Holders
50000 Telegram Members
Worldwide Marketing Campaign
Continued Community Growth
Burn 2.25 Billion Tokens

Detailed Info

Read Our Documents

A Community Based Token

While Dream1 seeks to provide financial assistance to everyone who needs it, it is a purely community-driven project and relies heavily on the support extended to it by its investors, who are none other than the common people. While we, the founders of Dream1 token, don’t have the necessary capital to pull off such a massive project on our own, we certainly have the will and grit to help as many people as we can. Also, we have unwavering faith in you, our community, that you would help us turn this into a self-sustaining model and show active participation in all our contests to the best of your ability.
We, at Dream1, are striving to create an ecosystem that can help people from the lowest rungs of society to lead a respectful life and introduce them to the riches that they had so far witnessed only in movies. Through our two-pronged approach of engaging both the participants as well as donating generously to charities, we ensure that while the participants can have a shot at an affluent life, people who are not so fortunate can also benefit from our project.
Therefore, our team is not restricted to one or two individuals or a group of individuals but it’s a conglomerate of which you’re an active part.

Contact Us

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    Empire IT Systems Pty Ltd

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    PO Box 496, WA, Australia

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    The Dream1 token has been designed as an entry pass for people to participate in lotto games developed by Dream1 that are built into the token code. The Dream1 token doesn’t provide any inherent value in isolation from the entire Dream1 ecosystem. Neither does it give the user any rights or privileges. Also, the decision to invest in any of Dream1 lotto games is wholly based on your discretion and Dream1 would bear no responsibility for any financial losses that you may accrue as a result of investing in Dream1 token.